2018 New Year, New You: 6 Simple Steps to Ensure You Reach Your Goals this Year


It’s January and we all start the year with great intentions and expectations. We promise ourselves this year is going to be different, and that this time we are going to do everything in our power to reach our goals. Making New Year resolutions is easy, but sticking to it, now that’s a completely different story.


Research shows that only 8% of those who set goals actually end up achieving them. And what is the secret of those who actually make it and don’t give up along the way? It all comes down to creating new habits… and has nothing to do with luck!


Here are 6 simple habits you can implement if you want to reach your goals this year:


Habit #1: Set very specific goals & establish steps to get there

The more specific the goal, the easier it will be to get to the finish line. ‘I want to lose weight’ is vague, and even if you lose only 1 pound, will you have achieved your goal? By when do you want to lose the weight? What are you going to do to get there?

Instead, try ‘I want to lose 10lbs by June 1st 2018 by exercising daily before heading to work and planning & preparing meals on Sunday morning’. Writing a goal and the date you plan on achieving it makes it more tangible. Establishing a plan with concrete steps to get there and following up on a regular basis will give you the motivation to keep going. Put it in your agenda, and schedule time to work on your goals.


Habit #2: Dream big, and set smaller goals on the way to bigger ones

I always say that dreaming big is so important, because you don’t get lucky, you create your own luck! If you dream too small, you are limiting your choices to what seems possible or reasonable, and you disconnect yourself from what you really want and are capable of.  Break down your big goals into smaller milestone goals, so you can keep track of progress and keep motivated throughout the process.


Habit #3: Make a public declaration and get people involved and cheering you on the way to the top

Telling people what you are trying to achieve, will make it harder for you to give up on your goal. By making it public, you are in a way making a ‘promise’ that you will not want to abandon, plus you will have a network of people ready to encourage you and keep you accountable throughout the process. Post pictures, updates, anything that shows your progress. You might even find people who want the same goals and partner up with you for extra motivation!


Habit #4: Don’t make excuses

If at first you don’t succeed, keep trying over and over again. Do not make excuses to give up. How you respond to failure is critical, and being able to get back up after a fall and empowering yourself to keep moving towards your goal is the key to success. The path to success can be difficult, but keep pushing through because the result at the end is so worth it!


Habit #5: Be open to learn and develop new abilities

There is always something new that you can learn or improve in order to grow and reach your goals. Be honest and open to learning and accepting help from others on your way to realization.


Habit #6: Reward yourself

Don’t wait until you have attained the final goal. Reward yourself along the way. Every little victory deserves a celebration. That will keep your motivation high at all times. Establish a calendar with each milestone and determine the reward you will get when you get there.



Research has shown that people who are successful at reaching their goals tend to focus on behavior rather than the outcome. Changing a habit, a behavior, and having a strong ‘why’ will help you attain your goals and be successful on the long run (instead of focusing just on short term pleasure).


Good luck and Happy New Year!

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